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We are the masters of all kinds of Affidavit preparation and attestation done by us. For eg: Address proof affidavit, Date of birth Affidavit, Power of attorney adjudication Affidavits , Passport Affidavits, Revenue department affidavit and other Affidavits etc.........
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what is the procedure for Christian Marriage? An application for registration of marriage is made by the parties to the concerned authority in whose Jurisdiction either party has been residing. Marriage is registered in the Marriage Register, by the Registrar who was present and performed the marriage of the couple. The acknowledgement slip of the registration is signed by both the parties to the marriage along with two witnesses and is attached to the register as a proof that the marriage was registered. These acknowledgement slips are sent out at the end of the month to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Indian Christian marriages can also be endorsed under a special provision without a prior notice. Required Documents 1. Complete application form; 2. Passport Size photographs, 3. The Marriage Certificate issued by the Minister or the Priest who performed the wedding, 4. Two photographs of the marriage along with the wedding invitation 5. Residence and age proof of either party 6. An affidavit certifying the mental and marital status of both parties.